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How to add a logo picture to Openerp Sales Order report

To add a logo picture to the sales order report there are 2 possibilities:

1. Adding directly to the company General Information tab and changing the following values at Header/Footer tab for ajusting the height and width:
        <image x="1.3cm" y="27.6cm" height="40.0" >[[company.logo]]</image>

Openerp company configuration

Openerp sales order report preview

 2. Inserting the picture into the *.sxw file and upload the picture file to the server root folder with the appropriate file name.
Open the Sales Order report *:swx file.
Insert picture into *.sxw file
Then follow the instructions to load the changed *.sxw file into Openerp.

When trying to run the report you will get the following error:

Error when running the sales report

The last line of the error indicates that the logo file is missing at Openerp server.
Please upload to the server root folder the logo file that we previously inserted in the *.sxw file and rename it with the name indicated in the error. At the end you will probably get the following result:

Adding a logo using openoffice
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report_openoffice: reporting engine for OpenERP

report_openoffice module has overgrown itself over this year, and got independence from ODT/ODS formats, it now can work with almost any document format as template - html/txt/EPL2 etc. So you can get all and even better results than with MAKO, Jasper, ReportLab reporting engines. BTW, for next OpenERP (v.6). Check all info regarding report_openoffice.

Seel also: How to edit Openerp POS receipt template, How to edit Openerp Sales Order report/template

Showing excerpts in blogger home page

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How to edit Openerp Sales Order report/template

This post will explain one possible method for editing Openerp Sales Order report/template. It is possible to use the same method for all other templates.

At "Server\addons\sale\report" openerp directory there will be the "order.sxw" file. This is a template file that can be easily edited using Writer. The report looks like this:

Before editing, make a backup copy of the file. After editing, ajusting and saving it as wished, it necessary to load the file into openerp. To do it, first assure that module base_report_designer is installed. Then go to the administration menu as show bellow and click report designer:

Choose the sale report (sale.order) and click on the option "Upload the modified report"
Report designer

Report Selection

Select the modified *.sxw file from your hard disc and click "update the report"

After this you can try to print the sales order report and it will come out already with the changes.

You can find more info here, regarding the openerp report mechanism.

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Customize outgoing mails to the customers

At your server directory, search for the following file "Server\addons\auto_email_sale\".
Edit the file and change lines 53 and 54, with the desired text:

body= _("Your order is confirmed.\nPlease, see the attachment.")
                state = self.pool.get('email.smtpclient').send_email(cr, uid, smtpserver_id[0], email,_("OpenERP: Sale Order Confirmed"),body,[],[( "",ids )])

Then save the file, logoff and login again to Openerp and test if the Subject and the Body were changed.

Note: You may need to restart openerp server, update modules to valid changes before login.

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Visual Studio 2010

Some of the features of the new Visual Studio 2010:

Debugging and Diagnostics
  • IntelliTrace (Historical Debugger)
  • Static Code Analysis
  • Code Metrics
  • Profiling
  • Debugger
Testing Tools
  • Unit Testing
  • Code Coverage
  • Test Impact Analysis
  • Coded UI Test
  • Web Performance Testing
  • Load Testing1
  • Microsoft Test Manager 2010
  • Test Case Management2
  • Manual Test Execution
  • Fast-Forward for Manual Testing
  • Lab Management
Integrated Development Environment
  • Multiple Monitor Support
  • Multi-Targeting
  • One Click Web Deployment
  • JavaScript and jQuery Support
  • Extensible WPF-Based Environment
Database Development
  • Database Deployment
  • Database Change Management2
  • Database Unit Testing
  • Database Test Data Generation
  • Data Access
Development Platform Support
  • Windows Development
  • Web Development
  • Office and SharePoint Development
  • Cloud Development
  • Customizable Development Experience
Architecture and Modeling
  • Architecture Explorer
  • UML® 2.0 Compliant Diagrams (Activity, Use Case, Sequence, Class, Component)3
  • Layer Diagram and Dependency Validation
  • Read-only diagrams (UML, Layer, DGML Graphs)
Lab Management
  • Virtual environment setup & tear down
  • Provision environment from template
  • Checkpoint environment
Team Foundation Server2

  • Version Control
  • Work Item Tracking
  • Build Automation
  • Team Portal
  • Reporting & Business Intelligence
  • Agile Planning Workbook
  • Test Case Management