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How to edit Openerp Sales Order report/template

This post will explain one possible method for editing Openerp Sales Order report/template. It is possible to use the same method for all other templates.

At "Server\addons\sale\report" openerp directory there will be the "order.sxw" file. This is a template file that can be easily edited using Writer. The report looks like this:

Before editing, make a backup copy of the file. After editing, ajusting and saving it as wished, it necessary to load the file into openerp. To do it, first assure that module base_report_designer is installed. Then go to the administration menu as show bellow and click report designer:

Choose the sale report (sale.order) and click on the option "Upload the modified report"
Report designer

Report Selection

Select the modified *.sxw file from your hard disc and click "update the report"

After this you can try to print the sales order report and it will come out already with the changes.

You can find more info here, regarding the openerp report mechanism.

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  1. Hi, very nice tutorial.

    How can I make this available for all companies, without repeating the process for all?


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